Welcome to the new district of Rohan City. What will it look like?

The extended centre of Prague will look different, and with it, even as traditional a district as Karlín. First of all, apartment buildings and two office buildings by famous architects Eva Jiřičná and Jakub Cígler will be built on the previously unused and neglected area of Rohanský ostrov (Rohan Island). The district will provide living and work space for eleven thousand people in total.

Construction will begin on the 21‑hectare brownfield site in Karlín in the spring of 2021. In the first phase Sekyra Group will build two apartment buildings, offering 220 flats, in the area opposite Invalidovna. They will be complemented by 30,000 m2 of administrative premises in two office buildings designed by architects Eva Jiřičná and Jakub Cígler. In parallel, the second stage of construction is being prepared for implementation in the southernmost part of the area, which is connected to the River Gardens in Karlín.


Construction activity will then move from the southern tip to the area in front of Libeň Bridge. A separate architectural studio is being prepared for the third phase. Only at the end will construction return to the heart of Rohanský ostrov, in the area approaching Invalidovna, where the new district will be completed by a multifunctional development, for which a certain movement of people in the locality is already necessary. At that time, the City of Prague is also expected to proceed with the revitalization of a 25‑hectare strip of land between the existing cycle path and the river. After the ground has been levelled out, it is to be transformed into a large, city‑wide recreational zone.

The architectural competition for the 2nd phase, which was won by Schindler Seko and the Atelier bod, Loxia, Qarta Architektura and A.D.N.S. Production, also addressed the possible incorporation of a future bridge, which would connect the Karlín area with Holešovice in Prague 7, which is expected to be another important urban element in the development of the extended centre of Prague.

The revitalisation of the area as a whole is divided into five phases. According to current plans, the final phase should be completed within 12 to 15 years – by 2035 = and will provide living and work space for a total of 11,000 people. The total volume of investment in Rohan City is likely to exceed 15 billion CZK.




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