We present SMÍCHOV CITY – SM2 residential building

The SM2 residential building, together with the Na Knížecí SM1 administrative building, create a complete city block. SM2, which is primarily intended as residential premises, captures the philosophy of the entire Smíchov City project: to create modern housing based on the principle of a city of short distances and that honours the principles of a city that has grown organically and in which you can live, work and actively spend your free time. 

Its main charm is its diversity and sensitive approach, which helps it fit right into the traditional city district. The SM2 residential building consists of nine different sections, with six storeys above ground and three underground.


In the words of the chief architect

„The Smíchov district is characterised by traditional, 19th-century urban blocks interwoven with an orthogonal street network. This urban structure, one that has stood the test of time, inspired us and we have tried to continue in this tradition with the new development through its dimensions, height, the alternating sizes of individual buildings, and its distinctive character. The city block, which is located between Nádražní street and a newly laid-out pedestrian boulevard, was designed by four teams of experienced architects. Even though every one of us represents a different architectural view, we were motivated by a common endeavour to connect the project with Smíchov, a district that we like. We wanted to create a new urban district, one’s that’s nice to live in, a nice place to go for a cup of coffee or sit on a bench. We believe that amicable exchange is possible between our different approaches to architecture and that we have created a meaningful whole.“  
Akad. arch. Ladislav Kuba, Kuba & Pilař architekti s.r.o.

Buildings with their own gardens

In addition to two beautiful large new parks, the Smíchov City project offers residents of the SM2 building their very own enclosed garden, to which no one else will have access. Space in the middle of the block is a sanctuary from  the hustle and bustle of the city, a peaceful oasis that offers calm, quiet, and the sounds of tree and birdsong. A place for relaxation and children’s games. The courtyard garden consists of flat green area intersected by pedestrian walkways. The houses around the perimeter of the courtyard are directly connected to the park, and the entrances highlighted by a trimmed hedge. Indirect lighting emphasises the benches and play areas. 


Within the urban structure of Smíchov, the SM2 residential building is situated between Za Ženskými domovy, Nádražní, Na Valentince streets and the future pedestrian zone. The shape of the block is based on an urbanistic design drawn up for the entire location by the renowned A69 – architekti architectural studio. In the first phase of the project, in the vicinity of the building the Na Knížecí SM1 administrative building will be built on the north side of the development, and to west will be the neighbouring SM3 residential building, which, similarly to SM1 and SM2, will form a complete urban block. In subsequent stages, further, primarily residential, buildings with an individualistic touch will be built to the south and west. 

Ideal accessibility

One great advantage of the SM2 residential building is its absolute accessibility. The neighbourhood is directly accessible by metro, tram, bus and train. Václav Havel Airport is less than 30 minutes away. And accessibility by car is also perfect, with a direct connection to the Prague ring road.

Peace and quiet in the middle of the city

Every section of the SM2 residential building has a loggia or balcony, which are mostly oriented towards the courtyard. All sections offer easy access to the common garden. The garden, too, is conceived as a traditional place for relaxation, typical for classic urban blocks in Prague. 

Buildings with their own gardens

In addition to two beautiful large new parks, the Smíchov City project offers residents of the SM2 building their very own enclosed garden, to which no one else will have access. Trees will be planted in the garden to ensure a pleasant environment, even when it’s hot. The garden will include, for example, a place for washing bicycles, dogs or prams. The courtyard’s minor architectural elements are supplemented by benches along the paths, and interior lighting

Security the top priority

In addition to the access and camera system, the security of residents will also be taken care of by a central reception, as well as measures that take account of the increasing need to receive goods packages. Every section is walkthrough, just like in traditional apartment blocks, so you can choose whether to enter directly or go through the central reception, which is located in building SM2-07, from Na Valentince street and further through the garden. In addition to the reception, in SM2-06 there is also a guarded entrance to the common underground garages.

Public involvement

The community helped to finish the Smíchov City project as a whole. Thanks to its suggestions, building SM2 will be bounded by the pedestrian boulevard, full of greenery, which will be a dominant feature and a kind of new centre of Smíchov as 
a whole. In the future it will connect Na Knížecí square with Smíchov railway station. The pedestrian boulevard will offer not only a quiet urban environment full of greenery, but also a number of shops and services – this is one of the reasons why there are non-residential premises throughout the entire ground floor of building SM2.

Everything in one place

Non-residential units on the ground floor will house new restaurants, shops and services. In the neighbouring SM3 block you’ll find a supermarket. When leasing other non-residential units, the occupancy of which has not yet been determined, we will take into account the greatest possible diversity of their use.

Apartments for everyone

The apartments in the SM2 building are smartly designed so that there’s something for everyone according to their own preferences. You’ll find everything here - from small studio (1+kk) apartments to large apartments in the four-bedroom (5+kk) category with beautiful views of Prague. Of course, there are sufficient parking spaces, amenities and cellars. Apartments are located on the first floor upwards. 
The most exclusive apartments are located on the top floor. Some of these offer views of Vyšehrad and some have gazebos with adjoining terraces accessible from the living rooms. On the roof terraces we offer grassy areas that can be as big or as small as you want. Each section has its own standards designed by their architects, which we will be delighted to adapt to your needs. Just contact our dealers. 

Barrier-free access

All units meet the requirements for barrier-free acces.

Individuality comes first

The architectural concept of the individual sections respects the uniqueness that is characteristic for the entire Smíchov City project. The designs and solutions of the units in the SM2 building were overseen by renowned Czech architectural studios headed by the chief architect Ladislav Kuba from the Kuba & Pilař studio, who is also the designer of the inner park and sections SM2–03 and 07

All designs are connected by a sensitive approach to the layouts of individual buildings and their surroundings. Within the district, the houses will together create a distinctive, inimitable environment.

The individual section will vary in height, proportions and colour, or by emphasising or suppressing certain elements. The main goal of this diversity is to achieve the atmosphere of the traditional, organic city – one that is in harmony with existing buildings in Smíchov. All buildings hold a category B energy performance, and are therefore highly economical.


Our dealers will be happy to provide you with more information on the apartments. For information on the prices and specific layouts of apartments, see the selection app in the upper banner. Prices include VAT and cellar areas. Prices do not include parking spaces; these can be purchased additionally at prices starting from 575,000 CZK incl. VAT. Naturally, apartment units can be purchased without garage spaces.

Individual sections of building SM2


The architect of this section is Ing. arch. Tomáš Prouza from the D3A atelier

This section combines the traditional and the contemporary. Next to the large windows of the business units is a small hidden porch with an entrance to the house. The floors of the units have 
a classic brick facade, but the joints are roughly covered with mortar, creating a special impression of casualness, underlined by the perforation of the brickwork, which covers parts of the windows. The facade is contrasted with contemporary details – large windows and glassed loggia. The staircase is placed in the middle of the building and illuminated from above by falling light. The courtyard facade makes full use of its orientation towards the garden, onto which balconies with atypical railings made of translucent laminate open out.


The architect of the section is Lábus AA studio  of Prof. Ladislav Lábus, Dean of the Faculty  of Architecture 

This section is located at the centre of the street front facing Nádražní street, in an exceptional position next to the start of Pivovarnická street, so even the apartments on the lower floors offer a view of the Vltava embankment. The street facade is lined with regular rows of loggias, which ensure that sunlight reaches adjacent rooms. The vertical division of the facades, together with the narrow window formats, follows the traditional urban "houses with windows" pattern. The silhouette of the section is significantly divided: the height of the street facade is optically reduced to four floors, and in the upper two floors the receding terraces create narrow "towers". The facade to Nádražní will be lined with lighter grey bands of brick and the facade of the courtyard, formed by significant wall projections, will be clad with light plaster. The common areas of the building will be naturally illuminated by a band of windows on the staircase


The architect of the section is Ladislav Kuba 
from the Kuba & Pilař studio 

This section is located in the eastern part of the SM2 building, with an entrance from Nádražní. Together with other sections, it naturally completes the urban space of the classic apartment block  in Smíchov. The vertical proportions of the building are highlighted by pillars that run the entire height of the floor. The commercial parterre is accentuated by the high asymmetrical niche of the entrance to the residential part of the building. The residential units face both the street and the quiet inner park with its green areas, to which the balconies are oriented. The simple concept of the building is emphasised by precise details.


The architect of the section is the Lábus AA studio studio headed by Prof. Ladislav Lábus, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture 

The corner section at the intersection of Nádražní and Na Valentince accepts the sloping corner as a basic element, as established by two traditional buildings on the opposite side of the street. The silhouette of the house is distinctly divided into a four-story base and narrow "towers" separated by receding terraces in the upper two floors. The street facades are periodically lined with loggias, ensuring that sunlight reaches adjacent rooms. The vertical division of the facades together with the narrow window formats follows the traditional urban "houses with windows" pattern. The position of the section within the block is consolidated by the dark brown bands of brick used on the facade to Nádražní. The facade to the courtyard will be clad with plaster. The common areas of the section are delineated by the naturally lit space from above and from the sides, in which the two arms of the staircase wind up the side walls and the "bridge" of the main landing. The main part of the landing, with the lift, adjoins it from the side.


The architect of the section is Jaroslav Zima from the D3A studio 

With its main facade, this section faces south into the quiet Na Valentince street. On the ground floor we find two business units and an entrance hall for the apartments. The larger business unit has a shop window that can be spread apart to open the space to the street. An ideal place for a nice cafe. There are four apartments on the floors as standard, but there are only two large apartments with terraces on the last floor. A significant element of the section is the bay window, the area of the facade gently protruding in front of the building. The bay-facing rooms have corner-designed windows on the sides. This is a well-known concept that brings light and a unique atmosphere to the room. Another significant element are the adjacent French windows with balconies. The cladding of windows, their window sills and 
the covers of the shading system add a dignified character to the facade. The facade of the section is light, the ground floor is clad with bands, and the cladded sections are given a uniform coat of paint.


The architect of the section is Tomáš Prouza from the D3A studio  

This section’s motif is apparent simplicity. However, it has a number of peculiarities and surprises with the rawness of materials and ingenious details of the layout. The regular grid of loggias is composed of dark concrete with plank formwork and galvanized railings, which contrast with the wooden window frames. Shallow loggias are an extension of living rooms to the street rather than a place to sit in. The simple rhythm of the facade in the ground floor is disrupted in the parterre by the deep archway entrance to the garage and building entrance. The staircase area surprises with a view of the courtyard and a lift that extends like a tower in front of the courtyard facade. The section will be a refreshing partner in the diversity of buildings in the development.


The architect of the section is Ladislav Kuba from the Kuba & Pilař studio

This section stands out with its corner position along the pedestrian boulevard in the quiet centre of the new development. The building consists of an elementary solid spatial structure divided by horizontal cornices and a high row of pillars placed between elegant, large-format French windows extending to the entire height of the floor. In the ground floor of the building there are business units, the reception of the whole SM2 building, and the main entrance to the inner park. The entrance is located on Na Valentince street. The interior of the stairwell is  illuminated by a skylight. The roof terraces of the apartments on the top floor offer an extraordinary view of Prague. The emphasis on detail is part of the minimalist concept of the building as a whole.


The architect of the section is Jaroslav Zima from the D3A studio 

This section is situated on the main axis of the developed area – the future pedestrian boulevard. The section has all the qualities we expect from a townhouse. On the ground floor there are business units and an entrance hall, and only four apartments on a typical residential floor. The top floor, with two larger apartments, is recessed. This section references popular buildings that have stood the test of time. The simple facade is decorated by a plastic vertical that separates the set of loggias from the part of the facade with the rhythm of the strip windows. A finer scale and detail in the division of the facade is brought by the covers of the shading system and the lowered roof over the entrance to he house and shops. The street-facing facade is lined with ceramic bands, which will lead into the courtyard without cladding, and will be in a light colour.


The architect of the section is the Lábus AA studio of Prof Ladislav Lábus, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture 

This section is situated on the main pedestrian axis of the development. Important features include the street connection to the opposite block of SM3 residential houses and the park area leading to the pedestrian zone from the west side, which will be utilised for the views from the apartments at the street-oriented part of the building. The design supports the idea of ​​an "organic city" by dividing the long facade into smaller sections with a vertical proportion of openings, shaping of the silhouette and notches into the basic material of the section. The street facade is divided by loggias and receding terraces into two vertically designed sections, on a scale more similar to the narrower sections, and thus evokes the impression of a semi-detached house. The courtyard facade is formed by notches in loggias and stairs to create "towers". The street facade will be lined with reddish-brown bands of brick, with ochre plaster in the courtyard. The common areas of this section are delineated by a hall illuminated from above – the main landing with the entrances to apartments, which is divided into two parts connected by a "bridge".


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