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Diamonds are forever. And now you can even live in one of them. The two white buildings, with their grey window bars and yellow ceilings in the loggias, will captivate you at first sight with their unconventional design by world-famous architect Eva Jiřičná. Thanks to their unconventional pentagonal floor plan, they are attractive from the outside. And the interiors of the buildings are just as impressive thanks to sensitive work with glass and light. Combined with the spirit of traditional Karlín,  great transport accessibility, beautiful views and the amount of greenery around, it is a stylish place to live in an ideal location.



From the architects’ point of view of 

„These apartments are going to have a beautiful view, so it was important to consider the idea of how to allow maximum contact with the outside world and Nature through a large number of open loggias and low window sills. The shape of the house uses local conditions so that none of the apartments are oriented only to the north and so that the buildings don’t overshadow each other.“  

Eva Jiřičná, AI Design

Unique architecture

Both houses bear the imprint of world-famous architect and designer Eva Jiřičná, a member of the Royal Academy of Arts, whose work has achieved many successes around the world. Not only the diamond floor plan of the house, but also another treasure that both buildings hide inside, will add style and uniqueness to your future living space: the original staircases that made Eva Jiřičná's work famous and iconic, and that lend both buildings a unique atmosphere.

Light and space

The individual apartments in Diamanty are accessed by a staircase located in the atrium. From above, it is illuminated by natural daylight, creating a high-quality indoor environment. The interiors are always bright and clear, so you won’t find any dark corners and you’ll always feel safe. Of course, two large elevators, which also allow the moving of larger loads, are available for residents. 

Something for everyone

There’s something for everyone in Diamanty, which offers a total of 102 housing units on ten above-ground floors. The apartments vary in size. We offer both small studio flats and, on the top floors, extra-large luxury residences with magnificent views for the most demanding buyers. Parking spaces for cars are available on the three underground floors, and there are also there are also cellars for every housing unit. For greater comfort of its inhabitants, the houses have a common bicycle room and facilities for washing bicycles, dogs and terrace equipment.

Ideal location

Very few current residential projects can compete with Diamanty Karlín for location. The Rohan City project will revive an unused area in the traditional district of Karlín, which offers a rich variety of social, cultural and sports activities. It is an area that everyone will immediately fall in love with. Very easily accessible by public transport, very close to the city centre, and yet surrounded by Nature, including the nearby river. It is an ideal place for a quiet, but still active, life.

Privacy ensured

For greater safety, Diamanty Karlín is built on raised platforms. The standard of living is also increased by the shared reception, which ensures the regular inspection of residential buildings. The platform also has a shared garden with views of the River Vltava. In addition, the apartments on the ground floor have a front garden.

In the middle of greenery

The atmosphere of Rohan City will be unique. It will be built on the boundary between Karlín, Invalidovna and Libeň, and offer residents the proximity of the River Vltava, a panoramic view of Prague and Prague Castle, while at the same time offering all the advantages of the centre of the capital city. This hitherto neglected area will turn into a green island tailored to current trends. And it doesn’t end with apartment buildings and offices. Rohan City will include new parks, greenery and other places for picnics, sports and relaxation.

Peace and active relaxation

While planning Rohan City, we think about the natural needs of those who will live and work here. The border between the development and the natural park will be marked by a new promenade for pedestrians, cyclists and runners. Its importance is emphasised with a tree-lined path offering beautiful views of the river. The slightly decreasing slope towards the water offers a pleasant sitting area. The upper edge of the promenade also creates a flood barrier.

Attractive environment

The layout of Rohan City is based on the original buildings of Karlín. The cornerstone of the design is the significant, city‑wide boulevard of Rohanské nábřeží with a width of 40 m with a uniform building height and a commercial parterre. A continuous street front is designed to run along Rohanské nábřeží. The enclosed development is becomes freer towards the river and opens up to views of greenery. The closure of blocks along Rohanské nábřeží isolates the apartments from street noise.

Facilities in the area

In addition to the excellent transport accessibility and civic amenities of traditional Karlín, two commercial units will be set up in one of the Diamanty buildings, offering residents a number of interesting services. This is in accordance with the Rohan City project philosophy that the quality of street areas is determined by the parterres of buildings, because only in this way can attractive streets for real life be created. In the immediate vicinity of the building there is also a playground, which connects to the planned bike path.

Ecological and environmentally-friendly

Diamanty Karlín was designed with ecology, sustainable development and the minimisation of energy requirements in mind. The high-quality insulation of peripheral structures goes beyond standard requirements. Common green areas are watered with rainwater from storage tanks. All available apartments have minimal operating costs while at the same time offering high living comfort, an ideal indoor microclimate and a purposefully designed layout. The buildings are highly economical, with a B-category energy performance certificate.

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