Introducing Rohan City – Riviéra Karlín

The two Riviéra Karlín apartment buildings will be built on Rohanské nábřeží, right on the boundary of the existing Karlin buildings. They will offer their residents all the benefits of one of Prague’s most beautiful and popular districts, which is famous for its atmosphere, many gastronomic opportunities and other places to meet. At the same time, their surroundings will be full of greenery for relaxation, picnics or sports activities - exactly in the spirit of the entire area of the green island of Rohan City, which will provide its inhabitants with peace and privacy – just a few minutes from the centre of Prague.


From the architects’ point of view

„The architectural and artistic design is modern and contemporary and, together with the purposeful design of the interior space, meets current requirements for modern living. The houses will captivate with their shaped contrast of basic materials and subtle galleries, which are artistically supported by the chosen material. The design uses proven and reliable construction methods and technologies using modern building materials.“  
Ing. arch. Monika Čížková
Ing. arch. Petr Vacek
EBM Group

In a nice place

The southern facade of Riviéra Karlín is shielded from the hustle and bustle of the street by a pair of office buildings with a commercial parterre. The northern part will gradually transition into a pedestrian promenade along the bank of the River Vltava. In the space between the apartment buildings, a modern and pleasant environment will be created with areas for relaxation and public green spaces, complemented by small items of street furniture. 

The atmosphere of a real city

The apartment complex will have the character of urban houses based on the traditions of Karlín. It combines a high standard of modern living with the atmosphere of a family location. The generously designed green areas will make the street space more pleasant. In addition, a private garden will be available to residents on the ground floor level, so that they can always find a quiet place to relax, even within the lively city district. A new, well-equipped playground will be set up near the building.

Beautiful views

As many flats as possible will offer a view out over existing green areas on the Karlín bank of the Vltava and the new park that will be part of the Rohan City project development. The new park continues the green Kajzlovy sady park alongside the historical Invalidovna building. The generously glazed walls of the main residential houses will connect to the outer walkway areas, offering lovely views of Prague Castle or Vítkov hill. 

Living in harmony

The rational, efficient design of the layouts of the residential buildings is based on
a common interior hallway, which will be accessible from individual flats. 
The apartment areas themselves are divided into social and quiet areas with an emphasis on connecting the interior with the outside environment, creating cleverly designed apartments that are ideal for peaceful living in harmony.

Ecological and economical

The Riviéra Karlín residential buildings hold energy certificate B and therefore meet every standard for highly economical operation and environmental-friendliness, while maintaining low operating costs. Ecologically sensitive and economically advantageous solutions that think about the future are one of the distinguishing marks of Rohan City project. 

Excellent accessibility

The proximity of the centre of Prague is one of the main benefits of the newly emerging district, which is easily accessible by car and public transport, tram or metro from Invalidovna station. Public transport stops will be within walking distance for new residents. Almost at the entrance to the building will be a cycle path, along which you can easily cycle along the Vltava to the city centre and Prague Zoo. The new, generously designed Rohanské nábřeží boulevard will also come to life.


During the first and the second phase of the Rohan City project a new park will be built between Rohanské nábřeží and the cycle path. Prague City Hall also expects a quiet zone full of greenery for relaxation to be built in the adjacent area between the cycle path and the river, with an area of over 100 thousand square metres. As part of flood control measures, the city is also considering the construction of a new river channel along the pedestrian promenade. After more than a hundred years the unused area of Rohan Island can get back its shape and inimitable atmosphere.

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