The ecology at Rohan City starts with concrete

Sustainability and environmental impact are major issues today. In its projects, the Sekyra Group has long preferred ecological solutions that put the least strain on the planet

For the construction of the new Rohan City district, we therefore decided to use specially developed ECOCRETE® concrete, which is made from up to 100% recycled aggregate obtained by processing building rubble after the demolition of buildings at the end of their service life.

Construction rubble generally contains a mixture of crushed old concrete, bricks, mortar, natural aggregates and other components. Because it is the use of secondary and recycled materials, we support the circular economy and actively participate in reducing the amount of construction rubble in landfills. At the same time, natural non‑renewable resources are being saved and the carbon footprint, which is normally generated by mining and transporting raw materials, is being reduced.

In addition, the use of rubble in ECOCRETE® concrete has all the necessary technical certificates. And so it allows you to build well and responsibly.


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