Shell construction of first buildings in Smíchov City complete

One and a half years after the start of building work, the shell construction of buildings SM1 and SM2 is now complete. The topping‑off ceremony, which, according to tradition, symbolizes a significant milestone in the building process, was held at the highest point of the buildings.

Further construction work on the buildings, including the fitting of electrical systems, insulation of ceilings, and installation of the roof cladding, has now begun. The installation of window and facade work will also start soon.

23,500 m³ of concrete and 3,245 tons of fittings have been used for the shell construction of the SM1 office building and the SM2 residential building. The total built‑up area is 5,300 m². The topping‑off ceremony was attended by the CEO of Sekyra Group, a.s., Leoš Anderle, and the chairman of the board of directors of building contractor STRABAG a.s., Ondřej Novák, as well as other representatives of companies involved in the project.

Smíchov City is the largest construction project of this type in the history of Prague. Following completion it will offer 400 housing units, 8,000 m² of administrative premises and 6,300 m² of commercial premises.

Prague, 28 February 2022

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