A unique opportunity to participate in the transformation of Prague. Sekyra Group issues first wave of bonds as part of its bond programme.

Sekyra Group Financial Services a.s., which is part of the Sekyra Group real estate group, is realizing a bond programme with a maximum nominal value of 500 million CZK.

The first wave of four‑year bonds in the programme, with a fixed interest yield of 4.8% p.a., and which will be paid semi‑annually, has been released. The Sekyra Group, in cooperation with 4fin Better Together, a.s., has been offering securities through a public offering since mid‑June. The manager and administrator of the issue is the company Cyrrus. The funds from the bond issue will be used both for the development of new city districts in the broader city centre in Prague and for the realization of the Rezidence Opatov and Rezidence Čakovice residential projects.
With this step, we want to enable Czech citizens to participate in the most significant transformation of Prague in the modern history of the city. We will use the funds to realize our development projects, in which we sensitively transform neglected brownfield sites into a new districts where life is lived,” explains Leoš Anderle, CEO of the Sekyra Group. This bond issue by the company represents an interesting investment opportunity in the growing real estate market. "Bonds are a means by which even those who do not want to take active care of a property themselves, or want to spread the risk or, for example, do not yet have the funds to buy a whole apartment, can capitalize on their finances. They are an opportunity to make a financial contribution to the growth of the real estate market at a time when interest rates on current accounts are low," adds Anderle.

The Sekyra Group is currently engaged in the preparation and implementation of projects with a total volume exceeding one million square metres. It focuses primarily on the transformation of currently unused large development areas in attractive parts of Prague. The new district of Smíchov City, which respects the principles of the city of short distances and offers its inhabitants everything they need for a happy life, is currently emerging from the brownfield site at Smíchovské nádraží. In this, it is like another new district, Rohan City, which will create a unique connecting point between Karlín, Invalidovna and Libeň. In addition to housing, offices, shops, a new "green island" within reach of the city centre will be created. In Žižkov, the Sekyra Group will use the land of the former goods station to build a new, timeless city centre known as Žižkov City, which will capture the imagination with its sensitive use of an exceptional station building. The construction of the Čakovice Residence project is in the project preparation phase. The residential project is a sensitive continuation of the traditional Čakovice housing stock and offer 520 flats in several stages. At the end of this year the Sekyra Group will also begin construction of the Opatov Residence residential project with 300 residential units, the aim of which is to give the existing housing estate a more urban character.

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