Riviéra Modřany

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If you’re looking for peace and quiet, enjoy sport, and want to live in the city at the same time, the Riviéra Modřany residential project offers modern, above-standard apartments in five atrium houses, each with five above-ground floors. You can view your new home from the comfort of home and in detail in the project’s 3D app.

Location: Vorařská, Prague 12 – Modřany
Beginning of construction: 2019

Further information

Tandem Modřany

The residential project is located in a peaceful place near the river Vltava in Prague 12. It very accessible from the city centre, while at the same time offering direct contact with nature. Two separate modern residential buildings form part of the project to transform the site of a former chocolate factory Modřany. The project offers 68 apartments of sizes ranging from 30 m2 to 90 m2 and 8 commercial units. All apartments have a balcony, cellar and a parking space. The location offers perfect transport accessibility and all the civic amenities of the traditional district of Modřany. In close proximity to the building are a cycling and skating lane and a large number of facilities for both relaxation and sports. The nearby Modřanská rokle protected nature area offers beautiful walks in nature. 

Location: Prague 4
Number of apartments: 68

Tandem Modřany

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